Artificial Grass is now a genuine, viable alternative to a natural lawn. Up until a few years ago, the quality and appearance of artificial grass, was to say the least, a bit poor.

Most of the original artificial grass tried to emulate the Bermuda style grass that you see in Florida and the southern states of America or the similar grass found in the warmer part of Europe.

Now, the quality of artificial grass has really moved on. Not those little rolls you see in your local DIY store, they are still pretty average but for professional installers, there is a good choice available.

We only use artificial grass that has been made in Europe and is of the best quality in terms of aesthetics and durability. As with any kind of floor covering, the result will only be as good as the quality of the material you are using.

Some of the benefits of an artificial lawn:

  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs to be cut
  • It stays green in the harshest of conditions
  • Soft underfoot and child friendly
  • Cost effective compared with other alternative ground cover
  • Never needs to be watered
  • Different styles and types of grass available
  • Works in a home or commercial environment
  • Hard wearing

This summer 2018 has been quite a phenomenon in the southern parts of the UK. With virtually no rain for 3 months, most lawns are looking pretty rough. The beauty of having artificial grass, it that it doesn’t matter what the weather does, the lawn will still look great. Lawns are usually the centre piece of most gardens, so if the lawn looks lush, everything else looks great.


If you’ve been considering having an artificial lawn and have some questions you want to ask, are looking for a quote or want to view some of the artificial grass samples, give Damien a call or text on 07879 496849.

From small front lawns, to medium and larger back lawns, we can advise you on what the best type of artificial grass would be right for your lawn. We’ll also talk you through the installation process and give you after care advice.

If an artificial lawn is part of a garden overhaul or redesign, please feel free to take advantage of our excellent garden design service.