Tidying Up Your Garden Borders

Garden Border Tidy Up

It was a pleasant, sunny, late February day today, so I thought I’d take advantage of the sunshine and do a leaflet drop in the Burton area. Burton lies just north of Christchurch, on the way to Ringwood and has a really diverse range of properties and gardens. One thing I’ve learnt about posting leaflets, is that you never quite know which of the houses will respond and give you a call. It’s common to get at least one call for a quote, which I did today, with others following over the next few days. Some may think it a … Read More

Adding Shape To A Rectangle Garden

If you read my piece on 3 garden design tips, you’ll know that one of the fundamental considerations when designing a garden is aesthetics. The Materials, colours, plants and trees need to work together to give you a creative garden, whilst maintaining all of those “must have” practicalities. Most people looking to redesign their garden, will be on some kind of budget. I’ve never known anybody to have an absolute “money no object” attitude and more often than not the reverse is true. So over the next few blogs, I’m going to be looking at relatively low cost garden designs. … Read More

Garden Borders – Bark V Slate Chippings

Once upon ¬†a time, most gardens contained a lawn, some flower beds, borders with shrubs, a hedge maybe and lots of colour. Then, sometime in the fairly recent past, some people were sold the “low maintenance” garden dream and along came concrete, slate and other non degrading materials. I’m not saying that some slate, concrete or stone isn’t required on a modern day garden. A patio, pathway and some concrete structures around the garden can look nice. Stone borders can do a fantastic job as can gravel and other aggregates.¬†However, their main selling point (hard wearing and long lasting) can … Read More

3 Basic Garden Design Tips

The first garden I ever designed was many years before actually doing it professionally. I moved to a nice cottage just outside Ringwood and as luck would have it, it came with a large garden. The only problem was, it was a garden in name only. There was a fence around the edges, some mud and what once looked like a lawn. It was pretty uneven and it looked as if an old pond had been filled in at some point. When I dug into the edges, there were plenty of broken bottles, ceramic pots and the general condition of … Read More

Small Gardens Can Be Beautiful

When you live in a country, where space is at a premium, its no surprise that most new-builds we find popping up these days, are fairly “economic” when it comes to garden space. Developers know that people will want a garden but with the need to put as many properties on a particular development site as possible, it’s not unusual to find fairly modest sized homes, with even more modest gardens. Of course, this is also true of many homes built in the past, especially when it comes to terraced houses or cottages. Sometimes a row of 8 or 10 … Read More