decking cleaning patio cleaning christchurchOur decking cleaning and patio cleaning services use high powered petrol jet washers, fitted with specialised heads for cleaning patios and decking areas. We only ever use eco friendly solutions, ensuring no harm comes to your flowers, lawn or plants.

Many clients we visit during our routine garden maintenance work, have considered re-laying their patio or decking. However once we give these areas a full cleaning treatment, they are so happy with the results, they leave them as they are.

Patio cleaning is fairly straight forward but with dirt build up over a number of years, they can look a little tired and lose their lustre. Simply getting a hose pipe and a brush, will never really get deep enough to bring out the patios full potential. Modern day petrol powered jet washers and specially designed cleaning heads, get deep into the dirt, lifting it from the patio slabs.  It won’t look like brand new when finished but it will be a huge improvement on what it was.

There may also be weeds growing through the gaps in the slabs were the pointing material has worn away. These can be removed and the patio re pointed if need be, to protect it from future weed attack

Decking is obviously wood based, so it’s a little more flexible when it comes to giving it a make over. The petrol powered jet washers will do a great job but it may be time to consider a full sanding and staining service.  If the decking area is relatively small, this is a fairly straight forward job, which involves us giving the decking area a light sanding, followed by a wood stain of your choice. We’ll also have to clean the area thoroughly before and after.

The only real requirement, when it comes to sanding and staining your decking, is decent weather. For obvious reasons, this work can not be carried out if there is any rain likely.

If you are interested in our patio cleaning or decking cleaning services, give me a call on 01202 801109 or 07879 496849 and I’ll pop over and take a look.

Damien 🙂