When it comes to treating your fence, there are a number of options available. There is the traditional “staining” approach using wood coloured staining products or you can have your fence painted.

The traditional staining products are cheaper and will offer a more natural look. You will still see the wood grain through the stain and if you have a large fence or are on a tight budget, staining would be the easier method.

There are now many different wood paints on the market that are ideal for fences and sheds. These products range from light matt paints, to deep, rich satin finishes.

All vary in price and we can advise you on cost, depending on the size of your fence.

Your fence is a large back drop to your garden, keeping it in good order, really will help with the overall appearance of your garden.

If you are looking to have your fence painted, please call Damien on 07879 496849 and I’ll pop round, run you through the various options and give you a quotation.