Garden design and planning is a vital part of creating any quality exterior space.

As you can probably imagine, being in this business, you have to be passionate about people’s outdoor living spaces. I want to give my customers the outdoor “lifestyle”, they desire. Somewhere where they can relax, socialise and dine in beautiful surroundings and in keeping with their own tastes and needs.

But before a spade goes into the ground, or a single plant is bought, there has to be a plan. Even if you are going to progress your garden over a given time period, you still need to visualise the final finished products.

Most garden designs that fail, do so because there hasn’t been a plan from the start. Without a plan, you can end up spending more money than you should, have a few annoying areas you wish you had done differently and most of all, without a plan, things often drag on longer than expected or never even get started.

Whether you are looking for a traditional cottage garden look or a head turning contemporary design, you need to have a scaled, detailed plan drawn up. You may need to negotiate with a number of different trades people and get different costings for materials, it’s impossible to do this without a proper garden design and plan.

I offer a garden design and planning service, which will deliver to you, an A2, scaled and detailed plan of how you would want your garden to look. I can also offer advice on materials, cost savings and other extras, that may enhance your plan even further. Obviously I’d also like to be involved in constructing your garden but if there are parts you want to do yourself or perhaps have people you know personally who can do bits of the work (decking, patio etc.) It’s far easier to get everybody on the same page, when you have something to show them.

Garden design costs to vary because of the size and complexity of different gardens but I’ll usually be able to give you a pretty accurate idea, once I have seen your garden.

If you are itching to overhaul your garden, not sure how much of the work you will do yourself or get others to do but would love to have a tangible plan in front of you to work with, give me a call or text on 07879 496849 and we can meet up to discuss further.

I’m qualified with a diploma in garden design and not only can I help you make your garden look beautiful, I’ll make sure all of the practicalities are covered too.