The essential ingredient for any healthy garden is water. Without it, even the hardiest of plant will suffer and possibly even die. Fortunately the British weather usually means we get plenty of the stuff, in the form of rain and providing you get the time, you can fill in with the hose, when we do get those sunny spells.

However, for some, especially those with a busy work schedule or those spending time away from home, watering the garden can actually become a bit of an issue. So in these circumstances, an irrigation system, with programmable timer, is an essential addition to their garden.

Every single irrigation system is different because they need to be designed for the individual garden in question and there are a number of different types of irrigation systems available.

We can design a low cost irrigation system for your garden, supply the materials and install it for you. Depending on the size and layout of your garden, installation should normally take anything from a few hours, to a full day. Where possible, we will hide most of the larger hose pieces and connectors and put sprinkler heads and drip systems in practical but discreet locations.

We’ll even help you program the system if you want us to, so that it’s fully up and running before we leave. As long as you have an outside tap in your garden, irrigation systems can be installed.

If you are worried about your plants, lawn or any other area of your garden not getting enough water, give Damien a call today on 07879 496849 or 01202 801109