I’m a big fan of keeping as much green in the garden as possible. The natural look of a lawn, even a small one is more pleasing than concrete, gravel or block paving.

However, sometimes building some gravel border areas or pathways will actually improve the overall look and feel of your garden. Gravel is relatively cheap and because of it’s size and weight, doesn’t need to be cemented into place, it can simply be applied loose and tampered down.

I wouldn’t personally use gravel on a driveway. It is inexpensive but in reality, if an area is going to be regularly walked over of driven over, gravel wouldn’t be the best choice.

Where Gravel Works:

If you have an area of your garden where you want to put pots, perhaps a garden bench and something different from the rest of your border areas, gravel is great. If you think of it as a blank canvas, for you to apply pots and ornaments or water features over the top of, gravel is excellent ground cover as it is fairly neutral.

Gravel also works on pathways but I would usually recommend the addition of some stepping stones or slabs to mark out the walk way, meaning that the gravel itself remains in place.

Where Gravel Doesn’t Work:

If you have a drive way or front path, that receives a lot of either foot or driven traffic, gravel isn’t always the best choice. Yes it’s cheap but it can end up getting displaced, caught in your car tyres and even flicking up onto windscreens as you drive over it.

If you only have the budget for a gravel drive, you need to bear in mind 2 things. 1) make sure the gravel is tampered down after application 2) Use a minimum size of 20mm gravel, 10mm is too small and will cause no end of problems.

If you are looking at having a pathway or border area created in your garden using gravel, please get in touch and I will come over and give you some advice and of course a quotation.

Gravel can look good when applied correctly and price wise, it will cost you a lot less than other aggregates. So contact me on 07879 496849 if you want to discuss further.