Hedge Trimming ChristchurchOur hedge trimming service is designed to keep your hedges in perfect condition all year round. We use top of the range Stihl hedge trimmers, which offer a neat, clean finish. We can also remove all of the trimmings from your premises or shred them down for you to use on your borders and growing areas as mulch. Using shredded material from your own garden, is the best kind of material you can use.  We’ll discuss this with you before we get to work.

Some hedging plants, especially those with large, glossy, evergreen leaves, don’t always respond well to the harsh trimming you get from a power shredder. If we believe your hedge will respond better to a delicate approach, we’ll cut this by hand. It may take slightly longer to do this but the recovery time for the hedge will be much shorter.

As with any form of garden maintenance, hedge trimming always works best when it is done on a little and often basis. Taking large quantities of growth from any hedge, will leave it looking slightly bare and it may take the hedge a whole season before it completely recovers.

If you’ve got any hedges which have gotten out of control or just need a bit of a tidy up and reshaping, then please get in touch.

Our hedge trimming prices start at just £5 per metre based on a hedge of up to 2 metres high with easy access and made from traditional hedging plants. Call Damien on 01202 801109 or 07879 496849 and I will come and take a look at your hedges and quote you an exact price.

Hedge trimming is part of our general garden maintenance service. If you with to have your garden maintained on a regular basis, we can include your hedges as part of the service.