It was England’s greatest gardener and probably the world’s first real landscape gardener, Lancelot “Capability” Brown who once said “All gardening is landscaping”and he was right.

Whether you’re looking for a lot of hard landscaping, involving patios, decking and water features, or a softer approach with borders, raised beds and fruit trees, it’s all landscaping.

Any major redesign of a garden, needs to start with a plan. This plan should be a scaled design, incorporating elements of practicality, coupled with those of creativity and beauty.

If you are purely looking for a single item such as a patio or section of decking, you are probably better off calling in a patio specialist, rather than a landscape gardener. However, if you are looking at overhauling and redesigning your garden as a whole, you’ll need to look at somebody who can not only help you design your ideal garden but who can manage the whole project from start to finish, bringing all aspects of gardening, building and landscaping together.

This is where we come in. From an initial design idea, we can manage the whole job for you.  Advising you on all aspects of what you require,offering suggestions to help save money or embellish your ideas even further, to ensure your plans come to life.

You will be provided with a professionally drawn up, fully scaled plan, along with full costings, as well as a time scale.

No two gardens are the same and each project varies in size and cost. Call us if you are looking to change the structure and design of your garden and we’ll come and see you for an informal chat, offer you advice and hopefully become involved in designing, managing and implementing your ideas.

If you are stuck on ideas and want to take advantage of our design service, we can provide that for you too. We also have ways of helping to cut the costs of your garden ideas, without cutting the quality.

For an informal chat and to arrange for me to come over and take a look at your garden, please call or text Damien on 07879 496849. Or send an email via the contact page.