We’re very lucky in Dorset. Our local councils offer a garden waste disposal service at just £47.50 for a full year. However, they offer no collections from January until April, which is often the time when more waste is generated from hard pruning, clearance or major renovations.

As a garden business, we get charged to dispose of your waste but wherever we can, we like to return as much of it as possible, back to your garden.

Hedge trimmings, small branches, twigs, leaves and bush clippings can all be shredded down and made into a fantastic ecological spreadable matter, which is fantastic for borders, flowerbeds and underneath hedges. It will provide drainage and over time as it decomposes, it will add to the health and vitality of your soil.

You won’t need to waste your money on bags of bark chippings from your local garden centre any more, we can create yours for you, which will probably cost you less than it would to have had us dispose of it for you.

There are no better fertilisers, chippings or mulch than that that has come from the same garden as it is going to be used on. Our shredding equipment can break down everything from small / medium branches to leaves, allowing us to put back into your garden, much of what we have taken out.

We’re passionate about trying to recycle everything we can and feeding it back into the ground.

If we are doing a garden clearance, tidy up or any other major work for you, we’ll discuss the benefits of letting us recycle your waste for you.

You’ll be glad you did 🙂