Weed prevention is one of the biggest issues people face in their gardens. Everybody wants as little maintenance as possible, but most people still want a natural look to their garden.

Part of the work I do is finding out what kind of garden my clients want. Then, I’m able to advise a plan of action, in terms of controlling the weeds as best as possible. For those clients of mine that have regular garden maintenance, nothing specifically drastic needs to be done. The weeds can be dealt with as and then and on an ongoing basis.

For clients who have a real weed problem, we can look at a variety of methods for not only keeping weeds under control, but helping to prevent the majority of them in the first place.

Removing weeds that have become out of control can be hard work. Getting them under control and preventing them dominating the garden, will usually give my clients the ability to be able to manage the odd one or two themselves.

If your garden, or certain areas of your garden are overrun with weeds, I can help you not only get rid of the existing problem but prevent them from doing the same in the future.

Give Damien a call on 07879 496849 or 01202 801109 and I’ll pop round and take a look. I’ll then offer some suggestions based on how you ultimately want your garden to look, and hopefully we can get those pesky weeds under control.