It doesn’t really matter how hard you try, you’ll always end up with a few weeds here and there. Even the use of landscaping fabric will only help to a point as the weeds will often place themselves above the fabric and if there is grass close by, that will certainly find somewhere to grow.

Many of my clients get me in once a year, in the spring to to a big clear out and then we discuss the different methods of prevention or probably to give it a correct term, weed management.

It’s a good idea at this time too to think about any plans for the garden on the whole for the coming year. New borders, reshaping old borders, new plant ideas, in fact anything that might want to be changed.

If you have issues with weeds in your borders or flowerbeds then I can certainly help get that all under control.

Once the border areas are clear, it will give you an incentive to get the rest of the garden going.

If your borders and flowerbeds have become over run with weeds and debris, give me a call on 07879 496849 and I will come round, take a look and quote you a price to get them looking great again.